My First Cutting Board

So way back when I got started in woodworking I didn’t have a table saw yet, but I wanted to make my wife an end-grain cutting board out of purpleheart and maple. I ordered pre-cut 2”x2”x18” pieces from a place and they came rough sawn. I sanded the crap out of them and used a known flat piece of metal to make sure each one was flat.

After the first glue up I took it over to my mother’s house to use her table saw. I cut everything into 2” slices and then found out her table saw, when set to 90, was actually cutting at about 85-87 degrees. I don’t have a picture of it but the pieces when put together looked like /\/\/\ except not as extreme. I tried sanding them flat but it was end grain and even with 60 grit in the orbital sander it was taking hours and hours. I ended up buying a surfacing bit for my router and building a sled.

After doing all that the cutting board ended up about 1” thick instead of the planned 2”. I then sanded it forever, scrapped it with a card scraper, and finished it with some mineral oil.

The finished cutting board.

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