A Hollow Form for Me!

I finally decided to make a bowl for me out of a 3.5 inch by 8 inch elm blank. This is about the largest diameter my lathe can handle. I pretty much nailed centering it which was an accomplishment since I couldn’t find my center finder. Had about 1/8 inch of clearance on the lathe bed.

Elm Blank Mounted with Face Plate
Elm Blank Mounted with Face Plate

I didn’t go in with a complete plan but that is where I ended up when I was part way through turning the hollow form. I knew I wanted a little bit of a lip and for it to curve back in. I think I managed what I was aiming for. I’m pretty happy with it.

Once I finished turning it the final shape looked very nice. The grain was amazing, especially on the sides. The lip is just big enough to be able to carry it by it.

I decided to experiment with India Ink again. This time an Aqua color and I decided to make the bowl two tone and I applied a wipe on poly finish. I’m super happy with how it came out. The color really pops and the grain looks amazing.

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