Walnut Quilt Ladder

This should have been a very simple project, but for some reason it gave me nothing but issues. It started when I resawed, planed, and cut the legs for the ladder. When I cut them on the table saw they were straight but I had to let them sit overnight. When I came back the next day they looked more like parenthesis. I’m guessing one of the steps in getting them ready released some internal tension and they curved the way they did as a reaction. So I had to go buy some more walnut and do the whole process again.

This led to the next problem. I was originally going to join the rungs to the ladder legs with mortise and tenons. I got mortises on one leg done and then went to do the other leg and managed to put them all in backwards. Thankfully I still had enough to cut a third set of legs and then use the old ladder legs to make the rungs. Due to time limitations in wanted to get it done I ended up just using dowels to join all the legs.

Once it was all together I finished it was 3 coats of wipe on poly. It worked pretty well and gave it a nice finish. The quilt ladder is now sitting in my mother’s living room and holding up quilts pretty well. It helps that I had put keyholes in the top for screws to go into so it would stay against the wall in case an adventurous grand child tried climbing it. I forgot to get in process pictures so all I’ve got are the finished ones.

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