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  • bowls! Bowls! BOWLS!

    bowls! Bowls! BOWLS!

    I enjoy making bowls. Not the greatest at it but it is a lot of fun. I’ve included a selection of the bowls I’ve made in this post. Eventually I’ll get them all on here.

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  • A Cutting Board Christmas

    A Cutting Board Christmas

    The first year I did woodworking everyone got cutting boards for Christmas. I tried to make a variety and used quite a few different woods. Lots of padauk, maple, cherry, and maple. I also made at least one with katalox. All of them were finished with mineral oil. I tried to do a few shapes…

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  • Clock and Picture Frame Designs

    Clock and Picture Frame Designs

    At night when I can’t sleep I sometimes draw sketches for things that I’ve either seen or that I’ve thought of. Hopefully some day I will get a chance to make them all. Of the clock designs my favorite is probably the one with a diamond clock and 2 ribs. I saw a picture of…

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  • Birdhouse and Christmas Ornaments

    Birdhouse and Christmas Ornaments

    For Christmas this past year I gave a few people birdhouse ornaments. I made them on the lathe. A few I made separate bottoms and tops and some of the others were single pieces. All were turned on the lathe. After I finished turning I drilled a hole to be the “door” and then added…

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  • Walnut Quilt Ladder

    Walnut Quilt Ladder

    This should have been a very simple project, but for some reason it gave me nothing but issues. It started when I resawed, planed, and cut the legs for the ladder. When I cut them on the table saw they were straight but I had to let them sit overnight. When I came back the…

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  • A Hollow Form for Me!

    A Hollow Form for Me!

    I finally decided to make a bowl for me out of a 3.5 inch by 8 inch elm blank. This is about the largest diameter my lathe can handle. I pretty much nailed centering it which was an accomplishment since I couldn’t find my center finder. Had about 1/8 inch of clearance on the lathe…

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  • Wooden Trivets

    Wooden Trivets

    I made a bunch of trivets one Christmas to give to people. The waffle styles ones were super easy to make. I cut out squares of the whatever 4/4 wood I was going to use and then put a 1/2″ dado stack on the table saw. I then adjust it to be approximately half the…

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  • An Elm Container

    An Elm Container

    A while ago I wanted to try and make a container out of thick elm bowl blank that I bought at Rockler. I want to say it was 4″x7″ or something like that. It was a while ago so I’m not 100% sure on the initial dimensions of the piece. I am pretty proud of…

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  • Some of the Scarves I’ve made

    Some of the Scarves I’ve made

    I used to be part of Perceptions Saginaw Valley. They are a LGBTQ education non-profit that had a couple charity events each year. One year they did a silent auction at their Christmas party and I made a scarf. I think it only ended up going for like $20 which was a shame. I also…

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