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  • Mugs, Mugs, and More Mugs

    Mugs, Mugs, and More Mugs

    Before I had a lathe I made a bunch of wooden mugs for people out of a variety of materials using staves. It actually worked out pretty well. Titebond 3 to glue all the staves together and a mineral oil + beeswax paste worked wonders. The mugs did impart a slight taste to whatever you…

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  • My First Cutting Board

    My First Cutting Board

    So way back when I got started in woodworking I didn’t have a table saw yet, but I wanted to make my wife an end-grain cutting board out of purpleheart and maple. I ordered pre-cut 2”x2”x18” pieces from a place and they came rough sawn. I sanded the crap out of them and used a…

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  • Clocks for the Family

    Clocks for the Family

    A while ago I made clocks for my family. Different style for each one and was inspired on a couple by other clocks I had seen done. I wouldn’t normally copy someone’s products but I figured since it was going to family as a gift that would be fine. My mom’s clock was made out…

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  • Ebonizing Wood with India Ink

    Ebonizing Wood with India Ink

    So I decided to try and dye wood with India Ink after turning some pieces of what was supposed to be ebony but was either not and dyed or almost completely sap wood. The kiddo also wanted in on this and tried dying a bowl red, purple, and black. After it worked so well on…

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  • A Live Edge Container for our Anniversary

    A Live Edge Container for our Anniversary

    My wife and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary not too long ago. Due to some other issues like the house needing a roof we didn’t have a lot of cash to do things. I decided that I would make her a present on the lathe. Overall I think it went pretty well and my…

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  • A Very Chunky Candle Holder

    A Very Chunky Candle Holder

    Made this today from a piece of maple from my cousin’s tree. The wood had been sitting outside for a year or so but it was mostly dried out. It was originally going to be a goblet but the cup portion had cracks in it so it became a candle holder. It has a live…

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  • Birdhouses with the Kiddo

    Birdhouses with the Kiddo

    The kiddo and I spent the day together on my birthday. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to make birdhouses. So we went to Home Depot and got everything we would need. We image searched birdhouse and she picked out the style she wanted. She is only 5…

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  • Kerf Bending for a Monitor Stand

    Kerf Bending for a Monitor Stand

    I was using a store bought monitor stand that only raised my monitors by 4”. That was definitely not enough lift for me. I decided to make my own and experiment with kerf bending at the same time as I had seen some good pieces show up on r/woodworking. Menard’s had some random hardwood in…

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  • My Usual Washcloth

    Needle Size: I usually use a US8 or US9 Pattern:Cast on 4 stitchesRow 1: k4Row 2: k2, yo, k to end of rowRepeat row 2 until you have the desired size. I usually stop somewhere around 45 stitchesRow 41: k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end of rowRepeat Row 41 until there are 5 stitches…

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